Having some information at hand when you sign up will make the process much quicker and simpler. If you have any questions about any part of the signup process or the information we collect, please get in touch via our chat, phones or by writing to support@simplypayme.com

Here's what you'll need for a successful sign up to allow you to start taking payments in minutes.

About You

First Name and Last Name:

Please include your first name and last name. This is your name as the account holder and not the name of the company which will be collected in the Your Business page.

Email address:

Here you will be receiving updates on your payments and important information about your account. Please make sure there are no typos when you enter your email address and include the appropriate company email address. This will return an error if you do not include a legitimate email address so please take care when typing the address.


This is the password that you will be associated with your SimplyPayMe account so please ensure you select as secure a password as possible (i.e. include letters, numbers, symbols). If you forget your password at any time you will have the option at Login to reset your password.


This is your home address as will be used for your identity verification. The business address will be collected in the Your Business page. If you type the first 4 characters of your address, the address list should come up, to which you can add letters and select the correct address. It is only possible to select from this list of legitimate UK postal addresses so any problems please contact Support.

Mobile phone number:

In order for us to verify your information we will send you a text message with a verification code that you will need to enter to verify your phone number. It is important to include your mobile telephone number and not a land line number. This will return an error if this is not a valid telephone number so please take care when typing the number.

Date of Birth:

This is identity information that is required by the Acquirer and can be used for ensuring you are the correct account holder when making enquiries.

Gender: This is required by the Acquirer and we request that you include the gender that is included in your most recent Identity Document.

In this page you have the option to opt-in to occasional marketing from SimplyPayMe.

In this page you have the opportunity to view both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By continuing you are agreeing to these conditions and policy.

Identity verification

Photo ID:

An identity document like a passport or driving licence which includes a photograph of you.

Utility bill:

A utility bill or bank statement from the past 3 months showing proof of address. As many of you will have paperless utility and bank accounts, please login to such an account and download your latest bill or statement.

You Photo ID documents can be photographed with your computer or SmartPhone and uploaded simply into the Sign Up form by pressing the Upload File button and navigating to the correct place where the files are stored.

If you have this readily available, you'll be up and running with SimplyPayMe in no time. If you want to continue and upload this at a later date then you can "Skip this Step" but no payments will be received into your bank account until these documents have been provided so we would strongly recommend uploading at this stage.

Your Business

For our KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance policies and in order to include your business information on customer quotes and invoices, we ask you to fill out some basic information about your business.

Business Name:

This is your company name that you are currently trading under.

Address: This is the company address, to which all business correspondence is directed. This will be automatically populated with your home address as may be the case for many sole traders so please edit it to your business premises if this is not the case.

Business Type:

This is the type of company whether Sole Trader/ Individual; Limited Company; Non-Profit (i.e. for charities) and Partnership/LLP.


This is your industry type, listed alphabetically, which can be selected. If you type in your company industry, then you should find the relevant category. If your specific industry is not included in the drop down list then please select "Other Goods" or "Other Services".

Bank Details

We need to know where to send your customers' payments once you have made sales.

Account Name:

This is the bank account name that is associated with the account that you would like to receive payments (e.g. company bank account).

Sort Code:

This is the 6 letter sort code (e.g. XX-XX-XX) that identifies your bank branch and can be found on your bank statement or on your bank debit card. This will return an error if you input a sort code that does not exist so please take care when filling in.

Account Number:

This is the code that identifies your bank account and can be found on your bank statement or on your bank debit card. This will return an error if you input an account number that does not exist so please take care when filling in

These details are sent in encrypted form to the Acquirers, Stripe and Wirecard and these are never stored at SimplyPayMe.

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